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Thursday, April 22, 2010

nowhere to run, nowhere to hide...

Dude. I had no clue who this Justin Bieber kid is. You know the one...the kid who sings/dances/plays with his hair/is like 16 but looks 12, that one. Well I finally witnessed this little boy singing on Oprah or Ellen or something...was I impressed? Meh. Not really. But seriously the planet is obsessed with J-Bieber. It is creeping into every facet of my life...and I am not okay with it. Well, let me clarify. I was not okay with it, until Tuesday.

Why yes, Justin Bieber was a topic of conversation in my Elements of Learning and Memory class. I hate this class. It is hard, and boring, and the teacher is weird. He is 30 and already has his doctorate and has zero social in sum he is kind of an ass. He also has no sense of humor...or so I thought. So we were discussing the concept of 'escape' and 'avoidance' which is basically just classical conditioning behavior reinforcement. Witness this exact (yes I actually wrote this in my notes) lesson that took place in Tuesdays lecture:

Dr. Romanowich: "So to clarify: to 'escape' a negative stimulus one is already in the presence of said negative stimulus. To 'avoid' a negative stimulus one has to engage in a behavior so they never come into contact with said negative stimulus."

Random Student: "Do you think you could give us a real-life example? The book doesn't explain these concepts very clearly."

Dr. Romanowich: "Sure. So, let's say you need a ride from a friend because your car is in the shop. You climb into your friends car and he turns the radio up and is blasting some Justin Bieber, so you then throw open the car door and launch your body out of a moving vehicle in order to get away from Justin Bieber's music. That is 'escape'.

Every Student in Class: "Bahahahahahaha."

Dr. Romonawich: "So, now let's say you need a ride from that same friend who tried to torture you with Justin Bieber, but you know you cannot handle hearing the music again so you sneak to his car and rip the stereo out of the console. That way you do not come into contact with the negative stimulus that is Justin Bieber's music. That is 'avoidance'."

Some Girl in Class: "But I like Justin Bieber."

Every Student in Class, Minus the Girl Who Loves J-Bieber: "Bahahahahaha."

Dr. Romanowich: "Did that help? Any more questions?"

There you have it folks. There is officially nowhere to hide...Bieber-Mania is taking over. Oy vey!



Jenny Robbins said...

Stopping by from SITS.

I totally agree with you Justin Bieber needs to be stopped. I can't handle the madness that's taken over our world.

KatOfDiamonds said...

It took me four years to decide I liked the JoBros... So JBieber will or might get a second chance when he turns 20

Lauren said...

The J-Bieber craze is out of control.

And your teacher (even if he is an ass) gain points in my book for his stellar example bahaha.

Jilian said...

I agree with Lauren...that example was hilarious!

The kid though...UGH, he's everywhere, and annoying to boot!

Christina said...

Um WOW. For real he looks 12. I hadn't heard his music before. Or even heard of him until this very moment. Let me tell you, I was not expecting his music to sound like what I am listening to right now. Wtf. I'm pretty sure he just called a girl shorty in this song. facepalm.

I loled at your teachers example. And it really did help to explain what he was talking about!

Marci Darling said...

Bieber was on the cover of a People Magazine recently. He looked so scary,like he wanted to jump off the cover and eat me. I saw this standing in line at the drugstore and had a really horrified expression on my face. Anytime this occurs, I feel the need to explain myself. I picked it up, showed it to the cashier and she said "I don't get it either, baby."

glad we are normal.

Vanessa said...

I pretty much am clueless about Bieber except for the fact that he is constantly trending on Twitter. Sounds like he's annoying though and I think it is hilarious that your prof made fun of him. Awesome!

Ashton Dene' said...

J-Beiber is out of hand (and this comes from me, I LOVE Miley) I have been avoiding at all costs. I refuse on principle alone.

x, ash

~Ivy~ said...

I need to go google him... I've heard the name but can't picture him. He is NOT in my world... whew.


~Ivy~ said...

I did recognize a song or two... he looks like my daughters age.... ewwww