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Tuesday, December 1, 2009

alexandria's question corner...

First off I would like to say hi to all the new people who commented yesterday *Hi, nice to meet you ALL*! Also, I love that you all actually put thought into your comments and write entire makes me super happy! I have some serious fun while I am reading them all!

Now for the actual post. So some bloggy pals o' mine have been doing posts where they let commenter's ask them any I am now going to steal their idea. Obvi.

Yep. That is correct you folks can ask whatever your little hearts desires...and I promise to answer each question with complete honesty. Nothing is off limits...I mean really I am so not THAT interesting but it should be fun!

So ask some questions in the comments section and I will respond back to you in the comment section. Deal? Deal.


Ivy said...

Any question, really? You are brave and trusting. Hmmmm... let me think of one and I'll be back.
Love you!
my word ver. is smsaymen weird

Sam, The Nanti-SARRMM said...

We now need to specialize posts to generate questions? Alright, whatever.

So, your status thing says you fall in love with fictional characters. Besides Harry Potter and Eddie Cullen, who else have you fallen in love with and who is your biggest fictional crush?

Will you put a banana in your ear?

What are some of your hopes and dreams?

I'd ask more, But Pres. Obama is talking in a few minutes about Afghanistan. What do you think about teaching them to play football, and using that to solve their problems?

SJ said...

Are you religious?

What is your favorite movie?

Coke or Pepsi?

What is your favorite book?

Lauren said...

ooo... I must think on this because I want to ask a phenomenal question :)

Alexandria said...

Other fictional boys that I love are Mr. Darcy; Peeta Mellark; Allen Cooper; and Henry DeTamble. As lame as it is Edward Cullen is the biggest fictional crush!

I would put a banana in my ear if it was still in the peel...and only a little bit as to not harm my ear in any way.

Football is not going to help Afghanistan solve any problems. It would probably just create even more! haha

Alexandria said...

-I am religious in the sense that I do believe in a higher power of some kind. I have not limited myself to any denominations so I would have to say I am agnostic and searching for some answers (does anyone have any?)

-Favorite movie is a toss up between 'Moulin Rouge' and 'Silence of the Lambs'...random right?!

-Pepsi all the way m'dear! Coke is sick-to-the-nast!

-Favorite book is like telling a mother to choose her favorite child! Unfair. As of right now I am going with 'The Bell Jar' being my favorite.

Alexandria said...

After the video you sent to put the banana question in context. No way would I put a banana in my ear. I will also never eat a banana again because the video scarred me for life. Thanks for that.

Alexa Mae said...

would you rather go to school naked one day or fart everytime you spoke in public??


p.s. i have my own religious answers if you have questions??

love youuuuuu

Alexandria said...

Ugh! All of these are going to be to you! I forgot to list my hopes and dreams!

I want to get my Phd and have Dr. in front of my last name instead of Ms.

I hope to travel the world.

I hope that after I receive my MFT license that I will someday open my own practice.

I hope that at one of the protests that I go to I get in a fight with a cop...haha that last one was a joke!

Alexandria said...

Alexa (Name Twin)-
That m'dear is the most amazing question ever! I hate public speaking so farting whilst speaking in public every single time would be mortifying!

I would totally go to school naked for a day. Hey, I am in is time to live a little right?!

Also, you always seem so postitive about things...maybe I do have some questions for you.

Alexa Mae said...

hahahaha i would go naked too. its only one then everyone would know who you were. haha

feel free to ask me whatever your little heart desires? via email if youd like.

Britney Jean said...

what is your favorite song?

if you could only eat one type of food for the rest of your life...what would you choose?

best book ever written?

Ivy said...

I was with Lauren wanting to ask a phenomenal question but my creative side took a dump and left me with nothing.
Here are my lame questions:

Do you want to be married some day? Why or Why not?

This ties in with that, do you want children and how many?

Do you have any pets?, do tell details if so.

How did your mom and dad meet? (You may have told us but I can't remember and it popped in my head)

What is your favorite clothing store and why?

Do you collect anything?

What is your favorite color?

How far would you drive for a Sprinkles Cupcake? Hahahaha, had to put that one up here. The answer made me love you more!

ok, I will stop.
by the way... include me in on your emails to your name twin. I love her to bits also and I would like to hear what she has to say.
My views are best typed out like this (put this on my honest scrap so a tad redundant) Irreligious Agnostic Theism. I believe there is something I cannot explain and that it is connected to us all and defines the very good in us and that there must be balance between the light and the dark.

Gawsh Ivy, don't hawg all the room on here!
Love you

Bekah Buttons said...

I'm ignoring my work to comment around today and I don't have a lot of time (cuz of said work I'm ignoring) but I just want to know.... how you are doing

(and i am always here if you want to chat)

Alice said...

How can we be BFF's if you hate Coke?

If you could pack up and move anywhere in the world where would you move to? (You can't stay where you are)

When I plan a bloggers trip to Disneyland will you go?

On boys, do you like light hair or dark hair?

Should I drive 2 hours to go get a Sprinkles cupcake?

Lauren said...

If you had to choose between Peeta and Edward... which one would you pick?

If I had to answer this question, it would probably make me sick, so sorry if you are as emotionally invested in these stud muffins as I am.

Alexandria said...

Britney Jean-
-Favorite song is SO hard. I think I must go with "Something" by The Beatles.

-I would pick Chinese food!

-Best book ever written? 'Catcher In The Rye'.

Alexandria said...

-As of now I do not plan on getting married. In my eyes marriage is only something to do if one is planning on having children. Which I also do not plan to do! By the time I am done with all of my degrees I want to live MY life (I know that sounds selfish)! I do hope to have a great man in my life who I love...but no babies and therefore no marriage! Plus, motherhood is the hardest job on the planet...I do not think I would be very good at it!

-No pets! I had a dog Beau who passed away in July. He was a bordercollie and pretty darn smart!

-My mom and dad met through a guy my mom was dating and my dad was friends with! Yep...what a hussy right?! So she kicked that guy to the curb and got with my dad!

-The Gap is my favorite store. They have great jeans, and all the other wardrobe staples one could ever need. Also their clothes are plain and simple, which I love.

-I collect anything with flamingos on it! For some reason I have been obsessed with them since I was 12. I have a gigantic collection!

-Black is my favorite! haha I know technically it isn't a color but I love it. I also love blue too!

-Haha. Let's just put it this way. If I didn't have the Sprinkles that is four hours away...I would have NO problem driving the 12 hours to LA to purchase them! Yum!

-Sure thing! Email me with any questions and then we can email Alex! Should be interesting!

Alexandria said...

Thanks for checking on me! I am doing good. Still just trying to process everything! Thanks so much for that! I appreciate you being around to chat if I need it! love, love!!

Alexandria said...

-Hello the Coke thing is perfect! You love Coke I love Pepsi so we will NEVER fight over who gets the last soda! Perfection!

-I would want to move to Ashland, Oregon. It is close enough to my family and absolutely beautiful. Plus, the weather is great!

-YES! Are you actually doing that? I love Disneyland!!

-I actually like redheads. Weird right? lol...but overall I would say dark hair!

-YES! Go right now! They are SO worth it! I drive FOUR hours for them! Make sure to try the vanilla they are the best & the red velvet!

Alexandria said...

-You are pure evil girl. Srsly. I would pick Edward if I HAD to! He is my ultimate book crush. Peeta is my book love. Edward is my book soul-mate! Swoon...and yes I still love you even though you tortured me with that question!

Ivy said...

This has been the best blog run I've read. Totes to you!

(I never used totes or srsly or twss or pwn or anything ending in'spice until I met you young ones in the blogging world.)

Anonymous said...

Is it too late to ask a question???

I hope not.

Question: If you had 24 hours and an unlimited resource of money, what would you do?

Alexandria said...

That is hard! I suppose I would first contact everyon I knew (especially blog/twitter pals across the country) I would ask them to get in touch with their local charities and donate away!

I would donate to cancer research; AIDS research; and an endless number of other causes! I would put money away for my family and myself. No one would ever have to worry about anything again.

Short answer: I would probably try to get in touch with Oprah because she could do all of the above mentioned charity business with the quickness!


Sam, The Nanti-SARRMM said...

If I were to answer the unlimited money question, I would hire a very good lawyer, call up President Obama and the necessary members of Congress. Offer to pay off the deficit in exchange for never having to pay taxes again and other benefits.

Apart from charities, I would put some in the bank. I would also fund Nasa to send men to the Moon and Mars.

MoreThanMyOwnLife said...

Where would you like to travel?

Do you want to continue living in CA all your life?

What's the farthest east you have gone?

Food you could live on forever?

If you had to pick one book to read for the rest of your days, which book would it be?

Fav starbucks drink?

I'm running out of questions... 8(

Alexandria said...

-Where WOULDN'T I like to travel would be a good question! I guess I could skip Florida...too muggy!

-Yes, I love California and could not imagine not living here!

-Farthest east would be Maryland!

-Chili's Honey Chicken Crsiper Tacos...YUM!

-The 7th Harry Potter NEVER gets old!

-White Chocolate Mocha hot!

-Good...because I am running out of answers! :)

Ivy said...

Do you read on the toilet?
Do you sing in the shower?
Do you fart in the tub?
Do you pick your nose?

I feel like a jr. high kid...hahaha