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Monday, October 5, 2009

i am still alive...

Whooo...I have been missing in action from my beloved blog for quite a few days...oops! I also lied in my last post saying that I would be back in action with a fan-tab-ulous post last's Monday so that obviously did not happen.

Last week was busy, busy with midterms and papers galore...not fun...but I did survive it. Then I isolated myself this weekend up in the mountains at my pal Jils family 'cabin' (and when I say 'cabin' I mean ridiculously fancy non-cabin house, that everyone just likes to call a cabin).

Anywho a few of us gals headed up to the mountains to get away from it all and have some drinks, do some scrapbooking, and play some board games....that was the plan anyway! Friday night I thought I was going to give birth to an alien that was attacking my stomach from the inside...this led to me feeling like death and skipping the scrapping and the drinking and laying down for the evening. Then the next day while Jen and Jil were scrapbooking their little hearts out...I did...homework...yep, homework people! Sounds fun right?

It actually was! We gabbed, laughed, played the most hilarious game of Trivial Pursuit that has ever been played (not to mention, I totally won) and made fun of each other all the while eating an amazingly gargantuan load of unhealthy food.

You are probably wondering where the pictures are from our weekend of 'roughing it' (by 'roughing it' I mean turning a pelton wheel on for power and not having a heater or internet) well once more faithful blog friends I failed epically in the picture department. I did not take a sinlge picture...Jil did...but it was only of a deer that was eating some leaves off of a tree outside...not exactly blog-worthy!

One thing that did come out of this trip is a hilarious argument the three of us had the entire weekend about scallops...yep scallops! More specifically how to pronounce the word...I am going to have to think of a way to set up a we can end our epic battle of pronunciation! However, I do not know how to write the word with the two different maybe I will make a video or audio recording and we can have our first ever 'Always Alexandria' vote.

I mean come on! With polls like that I am amazed that this blog is not world famous...because it is awesome...right? Right?!?


MoreThanMyOwnLife said...

Of course we can still be friends! Silly girl!

I love polls and I can't wait! I don't like scallops though, they seem to make me sick. Boo. Just an fyi, in case it mattered. haha.