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Monday, October 12, 2009


So I have had a busy long day...but I did want to post something, so I don't go back to being a blog here it is...short and sweet...the things that are making me happy right now...

Reason I am happy #1:

autumn Pictures, Images and Photos

It was only 63 degrees today...this gives me hope that fall has finally started to peek it's head around the corner...hi fall! (oh, and I did NOT take that picture...I jacked it off of Photobucket)...

Reason I am happy #2:

girl reading Pictures, Images and Photos

I have the ENTIRE house to myself for a whole week, this always makes me happy. Not that I don't love my family but I also love to just hang by myself at is blissful. Why you may ask do I love this alone not so I can throw parties and go crazy...just so I can hang out in silence and just be...

Reason I am happy #3:
For the first time in a long time I got to rock my favorite slippers...yes they may be a bit hideous...but I love them and so do my feet...

Reason I am Happy #4:

First off ignore the uncuteness of myself and focus on the cuteness of my niece. We were hanging out before bedtime enjoying some icee's. I am glad to have shared my love of blue slushees with her...(and fyi...this blue took about 15 minutes to brush out of her mouth...)

Reason I am happy #5:
I do not have a picture for this one. I am glad to be back in the groove with my gym attendance...(which lately due to being busy) I have been slackin'. Here's to our new mission...we will take and complete a spinning class with the TOUGHEST instructor at the gym. Please pray that Jil and I do not perish in this endeavor. Kthankbye.

Reason I am happy #6:

I have a ginormous box of these heavenly creatures in my kitchen at this very moment...oh the power of Sprinkle's Cupcakes...

Reason I am happy #7:

See this girl? She is a riot. Also known as my good friend Jilian...also known as Jil...or Jily...or northstatemortgage (in the comments section)...or Aunt Honey...or Ding-a-Ling Maybell (that one is another story for another time). Anywho she is the bomb dot com AND she is going to be gracing my blog with her hilarious self. Yep, later in the week she will have an awesome guest post right here on 'Always Alexandria'

Okay I am stopping at seven because I am tired and thats all I could think of! So do tell blog friends...what are you happy about today?

Oh! Don't forget if you haven't already voted in The Scallop Poll of 2009...please do so. Voting is over Wednesday my me proud!


northstatemortgage said...

Oh much as I appreciate the wonderful things you said about me, aka being the bomb dot com, uhhh I'm equally as mortified of that PICTURE of me! EEEK!! Thanks for Oh and I just want to comment on the order of your happiness..the gym then directly following SPRINKLES CUPCAKES!!! That's right..that's how we do it.

Alexandria said...

Seriously?! I love that is funny! Would you like a replacemnet photo?

Yup gym...then cupcakes. That.Is.How.We.Do!

Connie said...

Sprinkles! I still need to try them. I'm so happy you are happy! Weee!