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Thursday, September 3, 2009

irk of the day...

So I have this professor...he has a PhD...he teaches my 'cross-cultural psychology' course...and he is a bit of a moron.

Yeah that is right...I just said that.

He says about ten times per lecture, "I seen"

As in, "When I was in Russia I seen how much the children tend to help their parents financially"

Or, "The other day I was walking around campus and I seen these kids running around like crazy folk."

"I seen, I seen, I seen"

Like hello, what happened to grammar and proper english? Anyone...anyone?

It makes me crazy....

*And please do not point out the fact that I do follow the rules of grammar on this's a blog and I don't have to! kthanksbye!


northstatemortgage said...

Well, I have this friend who does the SAME thing. We've discussed this before...she types it! Yes, it's bad enough to say it, let alone to type it. "I seen.." I'm sorry what? I'm not sure what 'I seen means'. Oh do you mean I have seen, or you saw? Yes friend, that Irks me too!

Alexandria said...

Yes...typing it is FAR worse! I keep waiting to look up at the PowerPoint one of these days and see it written on there.

Would not surprise me in the least!

Connie said...

hahaha! That would drive me mad. Seriously people!

Confession... I get annoyed at companies that spell improperly. Mostly when it's something my son sees. Like "EnviroKIDZ". HI. Lets teach our kids how to spell, plz.

Alexandria said...

Oh Connie...that is a good one! The next generation is totally going to grow up thinking the letter 'S' went extinct and was replaced with 'Z'...poor kids!